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The Regional Workforce Wellbeing Network was set up in April 2020 with a mandate to maintain a focus on supporting the wellbeing of Health and Social Care (HSC) staff, during the COVID-19 pandemic response and beyond.

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Creating Hope Through Action Booklet 08_23 final (003).pdf

Creating Hope Through Action: Walk & Talk Steps to Wellbeing

Tips and ideas to organise your own Walk & Talk event to promote mental and emotional wellbeing
CYPSP Cost-of-Living-Crisis-Resource (3).pdf

Cost of Living Crisis

Cost of Living Crisis A Guide to Locality Based Targeted Resources and Practical Support for Families and Children Struggling with the Current Cost of Living Crisis

Free online Stress Control classes

Welcome to the online Stress Control class As the HSCNI can’t deliver our Stress Control classes in the community just now, Dr Jim White will, instead, live-stream the classes, free-of-charge. Click here to get all the dates. To find out more about Stress Control click here. All you need to...
Blood pressure .pdf

Blood Pressure Advice Session

Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke (NICHS) recently held an online blood pressure advise session. The advise session included clinicians and health professionals who answered questions about blood pressure, how to measure blood pressure at home and how to keep blood pressure at a healthy level...
Very well health.pdf

An Overview of Menopause A Natural Stage That Can Happen at Different Times

Menopause is the natural biological process that causes your menstrual periods to end. For most females, it happens between the ages of 40 and 58. It is also possible to have premature menopause or induced menopause due to surgery or an injury to the ovaries. Menopause is definitively diagnosed when...

What is Menopause?

Click on the link below to access this website What Is Menopause? | National Institute on Aging (
NHS Menopause.pdf

NHS Menopause website

To access information on Menopause please click on the link below Menopause - NHS (
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Human Resources Customers Portal

To access this Share point please click on the link below Human Resources Customer Portal - COVID (

Membership of the Regional Workforce Wellbeing Network

The Regional Workforce Wellbeing Network is led by Dr Sarah Meekin, Head of Psychological Services in BHSCT and the majority of the 17 Health and Social Care  organisations in Northern Ireland are represented in this network. At the start of the COVID-19 response this network was tasked with supporting managers and staff with the development and delivery of psychological support services for staff working across Health and Social Care (HSC) in Northern Ireland.